One Punch Man Season 3: Plot? Characters? Release Date?

One Punch Man Season 3

Manga fans from all over the world know the anime series about the bald superhero Saitama. An invincible and mighty guy, who independently developed enormous strength and lost his hair in pursuit of it, suffering only from a lack of worthy rivals. The only drawback of the series can be called a long waiting period: the most optimistic fans are waiting for new episodes at the end of next year. Many tabloids claim the release date for One Punch Man Season 3, Episode 1 will be the end of 2022.

One Punch Man Season 3: Plot

Saitama is an ordinary young guy who has set a clear goal for himself and is steadily moving towards it. The guy wants to become the strongest hero in the world and devotes all his time to training. After several classes, he can cope with any fighter and, if desired, destroy the planet. True, the hero becomes entirely bald in pursuit of a superpower, but this is not an excessive price for combat talents.

Joy and pride do not last long. Saitama is bored because he has no worthy rivals left. He did not become a celebrity because most of the fights were underground and did not receive publicity. Bald Cloak himself is too modest to brag about his successes. His student Genos can help correct the situation and return the joy of life to the hero.

The cyborg advises the teacher to join the Hero Association, and Saitama follows his advice. But fellow associates are in no hurry to recognize the guy as an equal. He’s too young, too ugly to look at, and besides, he is completely bald. Nevertheless, the hero has worthy rivals with whom he can fight almost on equal terms. Even if he never gained real fame, now the guy has something to do. In addition, he pays a lot of attention to training a student who also wants to become a mighty warrior. You can find out how the further fate of the heroes will turn out by waiting for the release date of the One Punch Man Season 3.

Characters In One Punch Man Season 3

  • Saitama, aka Bald Cloak:

He got the nickname when he lost all his hair due to prolonged training. Calm and modest, the guy cannot boast of his successes; therefore, he does not have the same fame as other heroes. At the same time, Saitama is powerful, he usually wins his opponent with one blow and constantly searches for a really serious opponent.

  • Genos, The Cyborg: 

The purpose of the hero’s existence is revenge on the enemies who destroyed the hero’s house and his family. His whole body is made of metal, and only his brain remains organic. To acquire the skills of perfect combat, the guy enters Saitama’s apprentices. So far, the character is only at the beginning of the warrior’s path, but he is already making noticeable successes.

  • Beng Silver Fang:

One of the three greatest fighters. His main weapon is experienced, which allows him to defeat younger fighters. Strong, hardy, and very dangerous to his opponents.


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