Konosuba Season 3: Release Date For The New Season Of Anime!

Konosuba Season 3: Release Date For The New Season Of Anime!

American comics have been having a tough competition with the emerge of animes and mangas over the world. Anime has recently become more and more popular among those between the ages of 20 and 25. Fans of this genre are eagerly awaiting the release date of season 3 of “Konosuba”. This is a continuation of the acclaimed saga, whose first season was released on January 12, 2016.

Fans of Japanese comics spent 2019-2020 in anticipation of new episodes of the cult series “Konsuba Season 3.” The release date of the first episode of the third season has been postponed several times. The reason for the repeated postponement of the third season’s premiere was problems with the characters’ voices, restrictive measures around the world associated with the pandemic, and several technical difficulties.

But fans’ fears that the project will be closed have been dispelled. And now, the creators of the anime are planning to release it in 2022. The third season is being developed with a high production cost as compared to its previous seasons. Such financially profitable projects are not closed. So, we can certainly say that the third season isn’t cancelled yet. 

What Is The Plot?

The story of the anime is based on the adventures of the protagonist, a teenager named Kazuma Sato.

The guy is fond of video games and anime, closed to the outside world, and communicating with peers. However, kind and sympathetic, he gets into an accident saving someone else’s life. It is this act that attracts the attention of the goddess Aqua to the wise guy. In him, Aqua sees a talented young man who could save the other world from the dark ruler. Kazuma had to choose his weapon, strength, or companion in his difficult task, and the savvy guy chose none other than the goddess Aqua herself.

New characters, new situations tangled around the main characters will be the main plot for the arriving set of 10 episodes. Masakazu Miyake, the artist behind the show, promised that over 50 experts have worked for long hours to make a gripping storyline and bright graphics.

Is A Trailer Available?

The trailer for the cult animated series is still in development and keeps the audience intriguing. Promo videos will help you recall the plot and tune in to watching the new season:


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