Shaman King Season 2: When Will It Release On Netflix?

Shaman King Season 2

With “Shaman King”, Yo Asakura and his guardian spirit Amidaru fight their way through a tournament to become the next king of the shamans. Will the reboot get a second season?

For the first time, “Shaman King” was convincing as a manga by Hiroyuki Takei until an anime adaptation of the same name followed in 2001. Now the story of Yo Asakura has been rebooted on Netflix. Director Jouji Furuta, screenwriter Shoji Yonemura and designer Satohiko Sano teamed up under Studio Bridge for the new release.

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Is The “Shaman King” Reboot Getting A Second Season?

On August 9, 2021, the first part of the “Shaman King” reboot started with 13 episodes on Netflix. Anime fans already have reason to cheer: the series is to receive a total of 52 episodes. So we can’t just look forward to season 2, but also to seasons 3 and 4, depending on the length of the season.

When Will “Shaman King” Season 2 Be On Netflix?

While the “Shaman King” reboot only recently celebrated its premiere, the first 13 episodes have been on view in Japan since April 1, and the Japanese audience will soon be able to continue: Season 2 starts there on August 12, 2021.

If the delay between the Japan and Netflix release is maintained, we should see the new episodes of the second season in this country in mid / end of December 2021.

“Shaman King” Season 2 Plot: So It Goes On

Season 2 is expected to start where Season 1 leaves us. Yo Asakura has to face the main fights in the notorious tournament. The participating shamans prove to be highly tricky opponents. But before that, the secrets that bind Lyserg Diethel and Yo’s twin brother Hao Asakura have to be resolved.

If you want to know how things can continue before the second season’s release, you shouldn’t miss the manga edition of the story about Yo and the Shamans.

“Shaman King” 2021: Difference To The First Anime

After 20 years, the main character Yo Asakura is back on the screens with “Shaman King”. The first adaptation of the manga of the same name was broadcast in Japan from 2001 to 2002. In this country, too, the 64 episodes could be seen on free TV, including on Kabel Eins.

With 52 planned episodes, the second adaptation of “Shaman King” will be a little shorter. In addition to a new look, fans of the shaman story can also expect an alternative ending that has never existed before.


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