Baki Season 4 Release Date for Netflix: New Trailer, Plot, Cast, Spoilers & More

Baki Season 4

“Baki: Son of Ogre” is an action martial arts manga and anime series created by Itagaki Keisuke. It was first published in the weekly Junior Champion magazine in 1991. The manga tells the feats of the talented boy Baki. His ultimate goal is to defeat his father Yujiro, “the strongest creature on earth.” Since the end of its original comic series, Baki has received four sequel series. The latest “Baki Dou” was published in 2018 (via Anime News Network). 

An OVA was released was back in 1994 which had a run time of 45 minutes which was followed by a 24-episode series (via Baki Wiki) back in 2001. Recently, Netflix began to release an adapted version under the simple name “Baki” in 2018. The third season of the adaptation is also the most recent season, titled “The Great Raitai Tournament”, which will be released in 2020. Now fans want to know when they can watch Season 4. 

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Where is Baki season 4?

Fortunately, Netflix has decided to continue adapting the series with another new entry. Season 4 is named “Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre” and is definitely releasing on Netflix sometime soon. However, it is unclear if it will be released as another season of Netflix’s existing “Baki” series, or the show will be released as a standalone. Regardless, the official trailer for this upcoming sequel was released in September 2020. However, no official release date was given for the new series. Therefore, there is no actual release date yet. 

Having said that, the Netflix trailer says that the show is “coming soon.” This has led most major sources (such as IMDb) to predict “Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre” sometime in 2021. Although Netflix has not announced any official or specific release date, the estimate for 2021 is reasonable. Assuming all goes well, fans are likely to return to the world of “Baki” soon.

The cast of Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre

So far, there is no official cast for “Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre”. Having said that, fans can expect to hear regular voice actors in return for this entry. The Netflix TV series is played by actor Nobunaga Shimazaki as Bucky, with Toru Furuya as the narrator. At the same time, actors Troy Baker and Kirk Thornton each played the same role in English dubbing (via IMDb). For important characters like Retsu (Rikiya Koyama / Kaiji Tang) and Kozue (Sora Amamiya / Cherami Leigh), the same pattern may appear. 

The missing elements, in this case, will appear in the new characters in the series. Since the cast has not been announced, it is impossible to determine who will join the growing lineup of “Baki” fighters. Unfortunately, before Netflix releases the next episode, fans may not know the identity of the newest actor on the show.

About Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre

Following the arc of “The Great Ratai Tournament”, “Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre” is likely to prove to be a faithful adaptation of the same name. As the third manga series in the “Baki” series, “Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre” continues to tell the story of Baki preparing for a hand-to-hand battle with his father when training and facing new opponents. Assuming that the show is faithful to this plot, the main storyline will include the battle between Baki and characters such as Biscuit Olivia and the prehistoric caveman Pickle. 

However, this is just fur, because even small characters in the “Baki” universe have their own bows and arrows and key battle sequences. For example, Retsu’s character development may continue in “Son of Ogre.” However, as always, before Netflix is ​​released, it is not certain what this series will look like. Before that, fans can satisfy their appetite for “Baki” by reviewing the anime’s early seasons and even delving into the manga.


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