Where to watch Log Horizon Season 3?

Log Horizon Season

Log Horizon is a popular series of Japanese anime inspired from a light series of the same name (Log Horizon season 3). Log Horizon is an intriguing science fiction fantasy animated with its interesting tale and entertaining character. Three seasons have occurred since the anime series started. The first season was very appreciated starting in 2013 as it prepared the way to season 2 of Log Horizon. In one year’s time, the second season came out.

On October 4, 2014, Log Horizon Season 2 was published with 25 episodes.  Fans have been anticipating for Log Horizon season 3 since the second season broadcast.

There’s a third year of log horizon named Log horizon: Destroying the round table. Log Horizon season 3 was originally planned for October 2020, however it was postponed until January 2021 as a result of COVID-19. Then on January 13, 2021, the third Log Horizon season. Season 3 of Log Horizon lasted approximately three months, between 13 January and 31 March 2021.

Log Horizon Anime’s storey revolves around a popular online role play game called Elder Tales. As the game gets more popular, there have been frequent upgrades and additions. With the success of the 11th expansion of the game the producers present their 12th expansion package, which captures the eye of thousands of gamers.

But at the moment of debut something is wrong, and thousands of Japanese gamers who had entered into the game and are imprisoned in their game avatars unable to log out. They were stranded within the game which led to a lot of confusion but got sorted later.

Where to Watch Log Horizon Season 3?

Netflix US does not include Log Horizon season 3, but Netflix France will broadcast it so that people who live in France can stream Log Horizon on Netflix. Hulu does not have log Horizon 3, either, but you can watch season 2 on Hulu if you want to catch up with Log Horizon season 2.

Log Horizon third season doesn’t broadcast on Amazon prime, however fans can stream on Funimation if they want to look at Log Horizon season 3. You must subscribe to Funimation if you wish to watch the show free of any extra fee.

This was all for the news update, it has been very late since they’ve planned for season 4 of log horizon and according to reports, we won’t be seeing it very soon. It’s highly unlikely so it’s better to enjoy and do whatever you want to before you run out of shows to watch.


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