Who Does Fuutarou Marry at the End of 5toubun No Hanayome?

Quintessential Quintuplets tells the story of Nitaro, a high school student whose life is a mess. His mother died, he had no friends, and his father was overwhelmed by debt. Everything that could possibly go wrong with his life goes wrong, and that is too bad.

However, when the Nakano family moved into his school, the situation began to improve, and he was recruited to counsel the quintuplets Yixiang, Erye, Mirai, Yotsuba and May. 

Will he actually fall in love with any of them? Does he fall in love with everyone? If so, who will you marry? Let’s analyze it.

About the Series: The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a series written and illustrated by Negi Haruba. It was published in Kodansha’s weekly youth magazine back in 2017 and continued through February 2020.

Who Does Fuutarou Marry at the End of 5toubun No Hanayome?

It was the fifth best-selling comic in 2019 and the third in the first half of 2020. It also won the 43rd Annual Manga Award in the Youth Category at Kodansha. The series has been provided in English and American versions by Kodansha herself. 

It was adapted into a masterpiece by Tezuka Production and aired from January 2019 to March 2019. The second season was signed by Bibury Animation Studios and will air from January to March 2021.

Bibury is a new name in the industry of animation, Quintessential Quintuplets had only three projects before the second season. With the cooperation of Funimation and Crunchyroll, the animation was released in North America. 

Does Futaro Uesugi Marry Ichika Nakano?

In both the anime and the manga, Ichika is the first to approach Futaro in the cafeteria and initiate a conversation with him.

Despite being the same age as the other four, Ichika is the oldest of the group because she was the first to leave her mother’s womb. She takes her role as the older sibling seriously and cares about each of them when they seek her counsel.

Math is the one subject in which Ichika really shines. She doesn’t take school seriously because she also aspires to be a movie actress. She is weak when it comes to love, despite how difficult it is to detect when it comes to emotions and given her tough big sister façade. She does enjoy Futaro.

She even came close to ruining her sisters’ chances of finding love with Futaro. She often makes fun of Futaro, which makes her the ideal spouse for Futaro. She would defend him and put up a fight for him while playing with Futaro and tease him in ways he could never have imagined.

Does Futaro Uesugi Marry Itsuki Nakano

She is the first of the Nakano sisters to appear on television, and she has an innocent and kind disposition. She is the most dedicated and attentive student of the five quintuplets.

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Ichika is the first of the Nakano sisters that Futaro encountered, despite the fact that she was the first to approach Futaro. She is adorable and enjoys food. She is a poor liar as well because her face can speak volumes.

Itsuki is the only one of her sisters who has a relationship with Futaro that is based on friendship and trust, despite being known for being kind and polite when it comes to him. She is also the first of the sisters to meet Futaro’s family, and she gets along with his sister Raiha, who was the youngest and last to arrive of the five. (That will be difficult to top, sisters!)

Does Futaro Uesugi Marry Itsuki?

Miku’s facial expressions are so sincere. Her facial expressions, which hide a chilly and direct demeanour, speak for her most effectively.

She is the first of them to desire to learn from Futaro while being the first to push him away and be motivated by him to take education seriously. She enjoys learning about the past and is well recognised for the phrase “you’d best take responsibility.

She is the sister that fell in love with Futaro initially, and she is very open about her feelings. Despite her poor culinary skills, she did cook for Futaro.

She also started the competition for Futaro’s affection, so the boy is she competitive. She has the most personality chemistry with Futaro of all the sisters, and they may make a great couple.

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When they are together, their chemistry is so effortless, and if they decide to become boyfriend and girlfriend, their compatibility is perfect.

Does Futaro Uesugi Marry Nino Nakano?

Nino, the sister who has had the most character growth, is the most maternal of the five sisters. Nino is the one that cares for each of them to the extent that she constantly carries a bandage in case one of them is hurt, even if Ichika assumes the role of pack leader. She is such a great tsundere because of her personality.

She is the middle sister and is direct and often embarrassed. She did not quickly fall in love with Futaro, but when she did, she repeated herself to make sure he heard it. She really does want Futaro so badly.

She’s also a fantastic cook. Because the best route to a man’s heart is through his stomach, perhaps she can approach him from there.

Does Futaro Uesugi Marry Yotsuba Nakano?

Yotsuba adorns her sleeves with her heart. She enjoys being active and is an excellent athlete. She frequently criticises herself since she is aware of the mistakes and flaws that cause her self-esteem to be poor.

She still makes use of these, nevertheless, to improve. Her laugh is so distinctive that she can be easily identified. She works incredibly hard to study and do better in class.

She is vivacious and altruistic, adoring each of her sisters so deeply that even if she has affections for Futaro, her name, which means the four-leaf clover, perfectly describes her. She is so naive and pure that she could love Futaro unconditionally.

The female in the picture would now be recognised by readers of the manga series. Perhaps even the bride of Futaro, given that the manga story has already been finished.



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