Fruit Basket Anime Season 2: Release Date | Everything You Need To Know!

After a long time, the second season of the animated show based on the manga by Natsuki Takaya has finally come out. Yes! You thought right. We’re talking about the popular show Fruits Basket, which is made by Studio Deen and shown on TV Tokyo, TVO, and TVA.

The story of how this show came to start in 2001 when a 26-episode anime version of the manga was made. In 2002, the show with those 26 episodes came out. But TMS Entertainment and Funimation changed the script and put out 25 new episodes of the old anime on April 6, 2019.

Fruit Basket Anime Season 2

This time, people liked the show a lot, and it was thought to be one of the best anime of 2019. The 2019 version was more popular than the 2001 version because it was more like the manga. This article will talk about fruit basket season 2, including when it will come out, what will happen, who will be in it, and all the other details.


Season 2 of Fruits Basket will focus a lot on Tohru and the Sohma boys, who seem to know that something is going to happen as summer gets closer. Tohru is looking forward to the trip, while Yuki will spend a lot more time with her brother Ayame.


Fruit Basket Anime Season 2

This is what we gathered from the last time we saw them, so we will expect the story to go in this direction. Even though Yuki doesn’t like Ayame’s fetish designs for the hand-made items, he will keep making them.

Since Yuki and Motoko Minagawa, the president of the Prince Yuki fan club, seem to be getting closer to each other, there will be more storylines about them. When Hiro Sohma gets jealous of Tohru and Kisa’s relationship, things will heat up, which will lead to a dramatic turn of events.

As summer break gets closer and Tohru can’t wait for the drama at school to be over, relationship problems may start to become more obvious. Momiki’s offer to take Tohru and her friends on a trip to the Sohma family cottage just add to the group’s problems.

Now that we know this, we can look forward to season 2 even more, since it’s only a matter of time before it comes.

Fruit Basket Characters

Fruit Basket Anime Season 2

Tohru Honda is played by Manaka Iwami, Arisa Uotani is played by Atsumi Tanezaki, Yuki Sohma is played by Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kagura Sohma is played by Rie Kugimiya, Shigure Sohma is played by Yuichi Nakamura, and Kyo Sohma is played by Yuma Uchida.

Release Date

Season 2 of the first Fruit Basket came out in April 2002, but the show came back in 2019. As soon as the first season of “The Fruit Basket” was over, the second season was quickly announced. The second season is already out, which is good news for all of you fans. It first aired on Japanese TV on April 6, 2020, at 1:30 a.m.

How Many Episodes Are in Fruits Basket Season 2?

In the first season, there were 44 chapters, and 25 episodes were made in total. Since there had been leaks about how many episodes of this anime there would be.

Fruit Basket Anime Season 2

Even though it wasn’t official, and the voice actor who said it by accident in an interview told people not to take it seriously, it was said. The information that got out was about 63 episodes.

And since the statement hasn’t been taken back or made clear to be false or not, it’s possible to make a good guess based on what we know so far. So far, only 44 of the 136 manga chapters have been talked about. So season 2 will keep going from here on out.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We See the Movie “the Fruit Basket”?

If you don’t know the big streaming sites, it’s hard to watch any show online, but the anime Fruit Basket is available on multiple platforms around the world.

We can watch The Fruit Basket on Amazon Prime, the Hulu app, Microsoft movies and TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Crunchyroll, YouTube, and gogo, anime,, and kissanime.

How Well-known Is the Fruit Basket Series?

Fans love the Fruit Basket series so much that it has an overall score of 9 out of 10 on myanimelist. Soon, Rotten Tomatoes, Crunchyroll, and IMDb will also post their ratings for the public to see.

Currently, you are able to watch “Fruits Basket – Season 2” streaming on Netflix.

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