Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters: Top Favorite Characters!

One of the best things about My Hero Academia is definitely its cast. Fans never get tired of seeing how the characters interact with each other and how crazy things can get between them.

At first glance, the show seems to have moved away from one of the most common shonen tropes, which is the power of friendship. But when you look more closely, you can see that the power of friendship has always been there. It’s still done but in a different way.

Because My Hero Academia tells its story mostly through its characters, there are a lot of them who stand out.

The more time a character spends on screen, the more likely it is that the community will like them. This is true for almost every character since so many of them are great. Many people on MyAnimeList have already said which ones are their favourites.

Fumikage Tokoyami

It’s no surprise that Tokoyami is a fan favourite, since his Quirk, Dark Shadow, is both stylish and mysterious. He is a class 1-A student at U.A. Academy with a serious attitude. He is usually in the background, but he has had his share of the spotlight in some of the story arcs.


Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Notably, Tokoyami’s Quirk has a mind of its own, and in the dark, it gets stronger and harder to control. So, if there is too much light, Dark Shadow is easier to control and less powerful.

Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is the main bad guy in this series. He is the personification of All For One, and he wants to destroy society no matter what. His Quirk, “Decay,” lets him break apart anything that comes into full contact with his hands. This is a very scary Quirk for a bad guy to have.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

On top of that, Shigaraki looks pretty scary because he usually wears the hands of family members who have died as part of his villain outfit. Fans might like him so much because he is such a great bad guy.

Denki Kaminari

Kaminari has a large number of fans on MyAnimeList, and it’s easy to see why. He is a character who is friendly, outgoing, and full of energy. He is also a comic relief character.

When Kaminari uses his Quirk, Electrification, it makes him do something funny in addition to making him act silly.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Kaminari can go over the safe wattage limit for his Quirk if he isn’t careful. This can make him vulnerable and dizzy for up to an hour. He isn’t very good at controlling his Quirk, so this happens to him a lot.


It’s hard to talk about Dabi without giving away too much of the story, but let’s just say that he had a huge fall from grace, which may be why he’s one of the few villains who has so much support from fans.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Dabi comes into the story right after Hero Killer Stain is defeated, and he is a big fan of Stain’s goal to get rid of fake heroes. Overall, Dabi is a broken man who wants revenge for the unfair things that happened to him when he was young. This is a common theme among bad guys.

Mirio Togata

Even though Mirio came into the series later than some of the other characters, fans liked her a lot. But at the same time, it would be strange if he didn’t become a fan favourite. Even in a show like My Hero Academia, which is a goldmine, a character with this much depth is a great thing to have.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

He should be able to get his quirk back sooner rather than later, I hope. If not, fans will be disappointed, as they should be. Before Deku came along, Mirio was one of the people who could have gotten One For All from All Might.

Himiko Toga

Himiko is the bad girl that everyone loves to hate. She might have a few loose screws in her head, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from liking her. Himiko’s over-the-top personality and bad nature have never let her down, from the time she first showed up until now.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

She is one of the few bad guys on the show who has gotten so much support from the audience. Still, Himiko’s personality is a bit off, and her ideas about love and friendship aren’t very clear.

Eijirou Kirishima

Even though Kirishima stood out from the start of the show, it wasn’t until the Shie Hassaikai Arc that he really showed how smart he was. Fans of My Hero Academia like that almost every character shines when they get the time they need on screen.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Kirishima could be thought of as a key figure in class 1-A right now. Momo Yaoyorozu doesn’t have as much fame as he does. Kirishima has a very clear idea of what he thinks it means to be a man, and he tries to live by that code.

Shota Aizawa

If a character looks as cool as Aizawa, has a cool hero name like “Eraser Head,” and has a low-key personality like Aizawa, they will definitely stand out. Even so, it’s a shame that Aizawa is often underrated by the community.

Even though he has shown his worth many times. Fans almost take his skills for granted and keep raising the bar for what they want from him. Still, Aizawa has firmly established himself as a fan-favourite character.

All Might

Even before they made their official debut, All Might was a big deal among fans. Because of the way he looks, he is easily one of anime’s most famous characters. He really is that smart. So, All Might’s current situation is awkward, to put it mildly.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Many of his fans think it’s pretty embarrassing for a legend like him to be a bit player. All the same, All Might is still one of the top five most popular My Hero Academia characters on MyAnimeList.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is the main character in My Hero Academia. He wants to be the best Pro Hero in the world. As the main character in a shonen, Deku’s personality is very different from those of his peers.


Deku is calmer and smarter than most other shonen protagonists, who tend to be loud and brave. Because he was born without a Quirk, Deku had to learn to work smarter and harder than his friends who had Quirks. Deku’s calmness in the face of danger is unusual for a shonen protagonist.

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is like My Hero Academia’s Sasuke if Sasuke was a normal teenager who got a lot of support from the fandom as a whole. Shoto pretty much took over the spotlight as soon as he showed up.

Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters

Shoto also beats Deku and Bakugo by a large margin when it comes to how his characters grow and change. The way Todoroki is now is almost nothing like how he was at the start of the series. Fans like him a lot because of how much his character has changed.

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