Most Annoying Disney Characters: Top 10 List Here!

Most Disney movies have pretty princesses, perfect princes, funny sidekicks, and bad guys who are out to get them. Even though these characters are meant to be funny, inspiring, and good for the whole family, some of them are just annoying!

Fans of this popular and successful brand have seen many less-than-desirable types over the years, from supporting characters who act too goofy to bad guys and girls who are bossy and vain instead of evil and vengeful. And if you had to rank the 10 most annoying Disney characters of all time, these 10 seem like they should be on the list.

10. Olaf (Frozen)

Look, Olaf has been stuck on a spear by his own popularity. When “Frozen” came out in theatres in 2013, we all thought the innocent little snowman was cute. Even a second time around in 2019’s “Frozen II,” the most unlikely fan of summer fun in Arendelle still liked it.

But Olaf-mania has not gone away as the years have gone by. At this point, it’s hard not to feel buried by the number of spin-offs, products, parade balloons, and guest appearances that involve Olaf. No matter how many times that song gets stuck in our heads, we do not want to build a snowman anymore.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

Isn’t it a little unfair to punish Olaf for how well he did? Perhaps. His only fault is that he is cute, which is also his whole point. But think about this: Kristoff’s sarcastic reindeer Sven isn’t on this list.


Characters like Olaf, whose appeal is based entirely on being cute, get old and annoying after being seen too much. On the other hand, Sven keeps things quiet and sometimes gives a wry look (and some human dialogue, courtesy of Kristoff).

Even though he’s in the same movie that’s always on TV, Sven doesn’t get annoying like Olaf does because you don’t have to listen to his cute comments all the time. Sorry, Olaf, but I just love you too much to hurt you.

9. Tigger

Most Annoying Disney Characters

The animals from Winnie the Pooh have been making people laugh for years in books, TV shows, and movies. Tigger can be annoying, but it has to be said. There are lots of characters and real people who are hyper, excited, and full of spirit, but this guy never slows down, and sometimes his actions cause chaos.

8. Cogsworth

Fans of Beauty and the Beast know that the people in the castle were cursed and turned into things (or a beast). For example, Cogsworth was turned into a clock, which is what his name suggests.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

In this story, he was a rule-following stick-in-the-mud, which was a good contrast to Lumiere’s over-the-top personality. But did he always have to be so mad at everyone and everything?

Did he ever make a face? He didn’t want to be cursed, but he could have used that time to make the best of it, find the good in it, and teach the audience something important.

7. Anastasia & Drizella

On a similar note, Cinderella has evil stepsisters named Anastasia and Drizella. Lady Tremaine, their mother, is a real bad guy who tried to make Cinderella’s life hard, but these two sisters are more annoying than anything else.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

Even though they look like they do, they are vain. Even though Cinderella was the most beautiful member of the family, they are rude and think they deserve better. And their one hobby, which seems to be making music or singing, is just scary.

6. Ray

Most of these movies have animal helpers like Ray from “The Princess and the Frog” who offer friendship and support. He did tell Tiana that Naveen loves her, and he did save the real Naveen.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

But there was something about this Cajun firefly (RIP!) that made the parts of the story where he was involved possibly the worst.

5. Mushu (Mulan)

Mulan is one of the bravest Disney heroes. Mulan faces a lot of problems: she hasn’t been trained, she’s a woman, and the Huns have a huge army. All of these things could end her story quickly. She never gives up and faces every challenge with courage and kindness, even when the odds are against her.

So, it seems especially unfair that on top of everything else, she has to deal with a spoiled little dragon. Put aside any good memories you have of Mushu for a moment and face the facts: Mulan’s journey is a lot harder than it needs to be because of Mushu.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

When she has to walk across camp for the first time to show everyone how strong she is, Mushu’s bad advice almost makes her stand out and gets her kicked out before the war even starts.

He later fires the cannon to let the Huns know where the Chinese troops are. If Mulan hadn’t thought of making an avalanche, a stupid dragon who couldn’t control his fiery breath might have destroyed China right then and there.

4. Tito

Oliver & Company is about a kitten named Oliver who makes friends with a group of dogs. Ignacio Alonso Julio Federico de Tito, who goes by the name Tito, is one of the strays. He is a chihuahua and has a very bad temper.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

Everyone has met a dog that barks a lot in real life… one that may be cute but doesn’t know how to settle down or leave a person alone. Is that Tito?

3. Mater

Fans know that Cars is about different kinds of vehicles that all talk and have their own personalities and lives, just like the title says. Mater, a tow truck, is one of the most important cars in this movie.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

Some people probably like his funny lines and actions because, like Patrick from SpongeBob, he’s not very smart. Many people, though, don’t find it funny at all to hear Larry the Cable Guy say these stupid lines.

2. Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear

In the same way that Cars is about cars that can talk, Toy Story is about toys that can talk and come to life. And in Toy Story 3, there’s a pink teddy bear named Lotso who has a Southern accent and a cane.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

Lotso seems wise and helpful as the leader of the toys at a daycare centre, but it turns out that he is just a prison warden whose job is to make people’s lives miserable.


1. Darla

And then there’s Darla from Finding Nemo, who might be the most annoying Disney character ever. She is the niece of a dentist, so she sees the fish in the office a lot.

Most Annoying Disney Characters

She also hurts, scares, and sometimes kills these fish. Sure, it takes some time for kids to learn how to be kind, but why did Darla keep getting pets? She must have grown out of this horribleness, right?

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