Most Psycho Anime Characters: Latest Updates June 2022!

Since he can remember, Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga. When he does this, he goes to different places. Some of the most interesting and memorable anime characters are the ones who have gone crazy.

Their stories about how they got to be like this can be very interesting. If you like these people and want to know more about them, then your search is over. I’ve made a list of 10 characters who are exactly what the word “psycho” means in the dictionary. Get ready to meet anime’s most crazy people.

10. Shuu Tsukiyama (“Tokyo Ghoul”)

Très Bien! Fortissimo! Shuu Tsukiyama is here to take the number 10 spot! Eat or get eaten! This person is crazy. At first glance, he seems classy, stylish, and well-mannered. He puts on a good show, but he’s a real psycho! Being a ghoul and all, he thinks of himself as a high-class hunter.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

He is always looking for the best food, so he eats both people and other ghouls. In this way, he is pretty obsessive. In the picture above, he is shown sniffing a handkerchief that has blood on it.


9. Hisoka (“Hunter x Hunter”)

Oh, no! Clowns are pretty scary! Hisoka is what you get when you add a pinch (or more) of murderous intent and a strange way of looking at things. There’s one thing for sure: nothing good can happen when he’s around.

Hisoka has been a major threat since the beginning of Hunter x Hunter. He looks like a clown, and he’s also not very stable.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

He wants to fight strong people and children, but this is only implied. This makes him a very disturbing person. He is very strong and powerful, which makes him even more dangerous. He is a big problem because of all of these things.

8. Shou Tucker (“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”)

The eighth spot goes to Shou Tucker, the Sewing Life Alchemist. When you look at this list, you can see that it’s not because of his smarts or academic achievements. He is not only one of the craziest characters but also one of the ones people dislike the most.

If you knew what he did, it would make you sick to your stomach. All of this started when he showed off his masterpiece, an animal that can talk like a person. Well, the creature was actually his wife, which no one else knew.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

She was cruelly and forcibly put together with an animal, making her a chimaera. Two years later, when he was desperate for results, he did the same thing to his own daughter and the family dog. Fans think Shou Tucker is an unforgivable nut for doing these things.

7. Kumagawa Misogi (“Medaka Box”)

Look at that young man with his wide smile and wide-eyed wonder. He couldn’t be crazy, no way. But he really is! Kumagawa Misogi is the one who has lost the most. When I say “loser,” I really mean it.

Since the day he was born, the odds have never been in his favour. He never wins a good victory because he always loses badly. This is why he turned out to be so sick and crazy. It also made him stronger as time went on.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

To show how crazy he was, he ripped the face off of a girl to see if he only liked her on the surface. (Don’t worry, she was immortal.) At one point, he really thought about killing everyone on Earth, including himself.

He spreads misery every day as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. He also has the ability to hide his presence and make things with his mind. All of these things make him one of the scariest anime characters.

6. Yagami Light (“Death Note”)

Light Yagami, also known as Kira, is number six. He has his own way of doing things and has the Death Note. Okay, I’ll be honest with you! He warned me that I would add his name to this list. If I don’t, he’ll put mine in the Death Note!

Before he found the Death Note, Light Yagami was just a normal high school student. It is a book that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. When he got this, it made him crazy with power.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

Light started to think that he was both a god and the personification of justice. Any criminal could get the death penalty with the flick of a pen. He started killing anyone who stood in his way.

5. Lucy (“Elfen Lied”)

From the show that shocked and traumatised viewers who didn’t know what to expect in its first minutes, the diclonius Lucy makes the list because her despair has broken her mind. A diclonius is a strange creature with invisible hands that could grab and cut anything at the atomic level.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

It has a lot of psychic power. They are very dangerous creatures that have been kept secret to keep people safe. Lucy is one of these things, and she wants to get even. She had a very hard and painful childhood.

Her classmates killed her puppy in one event. I won’t give many details because that would give away too much. Just know that Lucy had an even worse life than most of her kind. This is how she got so broken, messed up, and violent.

4. Hibana Daida (“Deadman Wonderland”)

Don’t ever try to bother this young woman. She may only be a child, but her mind is very different from what it should be. Hibana Daida could be your worst nightmare if you ever meet her.

She has monstrous strength, a strange mind, a tendency to torture, and the ability to kill. Her equally unstable mother had tortured and abused her since she was a very young child. This was done so that she would grow up to be a ladylike person.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

All of this hurt her mental health in the end. In fact, she tried to teach her classmates how to be polite. Even to the point of killing them! Now, she works as a funeral director and uses a huge sword at work.

Now, it’s her job to torture prisoners who do stupid or wrong things before killing them. Just so you know, this little girl is pretty good at torturing people.

3. Gasai Yuno (“Mirai Nikki”)

Gasai Yuno might be the most beautiful and kind girlfriend anyone could have. There’s a catch, though. She’s really broken all the way down. She stalks the main character Yukiteru by following her everywhere.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

She will kill anyone who gets in her way of getting love. She scares even Yukiteru! Not even her dangerous love for our hero is the worst thing about her. She is able to move through space and time. Of course, she uses funny tricks to get her man.

2. Sonozaki Shion (“Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni”)

When They Cry’s (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni) whole cast is pretty strange. Sonozaki Shion is better than everyone else in this area. She is by far the most frightening and cruel. She is very smart and can use situations to her own advantage.


Because of her past, she was shunned by many people, which made her feel hopeless to the point of crippling.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

She has a murderous rage that is almost demonic because of her sudden breakdown. Sonozaki is one of the most well-known anime characters who are crazy. Becoming a full-fledged serial killer is about as crazy as it gets.

1. Johan Liebert (“Monster”)

So, here’s the person who is the craziest of all! The number one spot should go to the monster Johan Liebert and no one else. He was made through cruel experiments. He came into being because he wanted to be the person who would lead people. He’s almost perfect in all ways.

Most Psycho Anime Characters

But there’s a very big problem! No one ever thought he would turn into a psychopath who wants to cause harm and misery.

His twisted and irrational view of the world makes people unhappy. As a child, he got 50 students and some teachers to fight to the death while he watched his school burn down.

He knows a lot about how people think and feels, which makes him a dangerous enemy who can control anyone. He is the worst monster because he can get other people to do bad things for him.

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