The mysterious power of Yuji Itadori explained!

The mysterious power of Yuji Itadori explained!

Episode 1 of “Jujutsu Kaisen” introduces audiences to Yuji Itadori, a high school student with an aptitude for sports and an interest in the occult. Yuji decides to join his school’s paranormal research club. Even though he is technically enrolled in the track team, he still attends the meetings of the study club. What begins as an innocent interest in the macabre and the inexplicable becomes a legitimate danger when Yuji and the rest of the Occult Research Club discover an item that has been stolen. Curses cause strange accidents in their school. 

Yuji’s clubmates remove the object, which turns out to be the finger of the Cursed King Sukuna,  a form of a protective seal. This allows cursed spirits, negative human emotions to manifest as dangerous monsters, attacking them in pursuit.

Jujutsu Magic Training Megumi Fushiguro used his considerable strength against the Cursed Spirits but was unable to defeat them. On a whim, he swallowed the cursed object to help Fushiguro fight. This incident is the most interesting in most of Jujutsu Kaisen’s history. In a nutshell, the series follows Yuji’s evolution from an aspiring high school student to a supernatural warrior. As he slowly transforms into a mighty warrior, Yuji acquires many supernatural powers and abilities.

He’s physically strong

After fighting alongside Megumi Fushiguro and his mentor Satoru Gojo, Yuji Itadori enrolled at Jujutsu High School in Tokyo prefecture. In this school, people are taught to use a natural resource known as cursed energy to fight cursed spirits and become jujutsu wizards known as shamans. Starting from scratch, Yuji is virtually incapable of using Cursed Energy, instead, he has faced many of his early battles with human powers. 

Yuji first shows off his formidable physique in Episode 1 (via IMDb) when his track and field coach allows him to leave the team and officially join the Paranormal Research Club if he wins a throwing contest. Yuji not only succeeds but also breaks world records, showing viewers that he has superhuman talent even before entering the world of jujutsu magic. 

Additionally, even after reaching a familiarity level with Cursed Energy, Yuji still sticks to the melee style. Amplify his attacks with cursed energy instead of developing a more technical fighting style like Fushiguro’s, which involves fighting alongside summoned creatures. His remarkable strength remains at the heart of his fight in Jujutsu Kaisen season 1.

He can resist Sukuna

After Yuji Itadori swallowed his finger in Episode 1, Sukuna grabbed Yuji’s body and easily destroyed his cursed ghost foe. However, Megumi Fushiguro was about to attack Yuji / Sukuna when Yuji suddenly regained control of his body and erased all traces of Sukuna, including a tattoo and another set of eyes. 

Satoru Gojo finally tests whether Yuji can fight against Sukuna to regain control of his body. He confirmed that Yuji was indeed able to avoid completely succumbing to Sakuna’s influence. Thus, Gojo allows Yuji to become the vessel for Sukuna’s remaining fingers. If Yuji fails to do this, they will kill him to prevent Sukuna from appearing again. 

This ability is inherent in Yuji, not only saving his life but also the key to his development as a jujutsu practitioner. Since Yuji inadvertently became the vehicle for collecting and removing Sukuna’s cursed energy fingers, he too had to become a mighty warrior to take on this responsibility. So his journey as a jujutsu shaman depends entirely on his supernatural ability to resist the influence of Sukuna’s spirit, even if he lives there.

Cursed energy on his fists

After he died and came back to life after fighting with a cursed spirit, he officially began learning from Gojo how to manifest cursed energy at will. He teaches that these techniques are related to Raw electricity and how it can be utilized. 

However, Yuji has been unable to use cursed techniques since he was not initiated into the wizarding world of jujutsu when he was a teenager. Cursed techniques, Gojo revealed, are based on inherited abilities and generally cannot be developed. 

Instead, Yuji learned to incorporate the manifestation of Cursed Raw Energy into his existing fighting style. This results in Yuji creating the Divergent Fist attack, a quick double attack. He attacks first with his natural physical strength before unleashing another attack with pure energy. In Episode 12 (via IMDb), Yuji’s misaligned fists prove particularly useful in fighting Mahito, a cursed supernatural ghost, as the second strike occurs before Mahito uses the ability to regenerate after being wounded. 


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