Noragami Season 3 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled! Check Here!

“Noragami” is a well-known action/drama manga created by a female duo known as Adachitoka. “Noragami,” which debuted in 2011 through manga publisher Kodonsha (via Anime News Network), quickly became one of Japan’s most popular series.

The first season of the anime adaptation, developed by Studio BONES (“FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” “My Hero Academia”), premiered in 2014, followed by a second season, subtitled “Aragoto,” the following year.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

The series follows Yato, a down-and-out minor deity who amasses followers by performing menial tasks for five yen each. Hiyori, a high school girl whose soul frequently slips away from her body, becomes associated with the god, and he promises to help cure her.

He also forms a bond with Yukine, a lost spirit (shinki/Regalia) whom Yato adopts as a combat weapon. As they become entangled in a tangle of godly issues as a result of Yato’s past, the three become somewhat of a family unit.

Both seasons of “Noragami” received favourable reviews from critics, and the show amassed a devoted fan base during its run. Six years after the conclusion of “Noragami: Aragoto,” fans are still clamouring for more.

While not officially cancelled, the show has been on indefinite hiatus, and little is known about its release date, cast, or plot.

Nonetheless, there is plenty of additional source material for the show to adapt. With that in mind, here is what we currently know.

Noragami Season 3’s Plot

As previously stated, BONES has a plethora of source material to draw from for Season 3 of “Noragami.” In terms of manga, the show only covers about ten of the 23 current volumes, leaving plenty more to be revealed.


Of course, this means that viewers will learn more about the deity’s secret world and Yato’s dark past as a God of Calamity (via Noragami Wiki). Hiyori and the others must also find a cure for her easily lost soul.

Until recently, the crew had to deal with conflicts between themselves and other deities from Yato’s past, which meant Hiyori’s condition took a back seat at times.

However, it’s safe to say that “Noragami’s” story wouldn’t be complete without resolving one of the major issues that began it.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

Taking all of this into account, there is much more potential for character development and interaction, two of the anime’s strongest suits.

Fans will undoubtedly be anticipating the drama that will erupt once “Noragami” recovers — if it ever does.

Who Is In The Noragami Season 3 Cast?

If “Noragami” is renewed for a third season, fans can already anticipate who will be on the show’s voice cast. Unless a major development disrupts the show’s cast, actor Hiroshi Kamiya will continue to play Yato in the third season (via Myanimelist).

Maaya Uchida and Yuki Kaji will also reprise their roles as Yato’s companions, Hiyori and Yukine, respectively.

This main trio is played by Jason Liebrecht, Bryn Appril, and Micha Solusod in the English dub, and they will most likely remain unchanged if “Noragami” Season 3 is ever made.

Unfortunately, when the English translation will be released in relation to the original is unknown. In general, episodes of English dubs can be released weeks after their original counterparts, so English fans may have to wait longer than everyone else for season 3.

When Will Noragami Season 3 Be Available?

Unfortunately, neither Studio BONES nor the show’s distributors (Funimation) have made any announcements about a third season. It’s unclear whether a third season is in the works for BONES.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

The studio is one of the most well-known in the industry, and it always has multiple projects on the go, including the recent “Godzilla: Singular Point.

“Assuming BONES is planning a Season 3 of “Noragami,” it would be impossible to know how far away a release date is without some sort of announcement or trailer.

Thankfully, we know that the “Noragami” manga is light years ahead of its animated counterpart in terms of progression, which means that BONES will have an abundance of source material to draw from if they decide to move forward with the series.

Fans will have to rely on said manga until then because it is the only way they will be able to experience the rest of the story anytime soon.

Recent Noragami Season 3 News and Rumors

Noragami Season 3 has been delayed due to the epidemic, but things are looking up. As a result, excitement for Season 3 has begun to build.

The anime’s first two seasons sparked a lot of interest, as evidenced by the glowing reviews left by prominent fans across a variety of social media platforms.

Keep an eye out for an early debut; one is almost certainly on the way. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments in this area with regular posts, so check back frequently.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

With only two seasons under its belt, it’s clear that this anime series has already created quite a stir. Season three is eagerly anticipated by fans, who are also wondering what will happen next.

As the novel progresses, the protagonist’s introduction to the world of the supernatural provides an intriguing new angle for the story.

It’ll be interesting to see how Yato’s personality evolves over the course of the game. As a result, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 3, which the show’s creators are doing everything they can to tease. Keep up with the latest season 3 news.

Noragami Season 2 Trailer


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Noragami 3 to Watch?

Noragami English Dubbed is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll for those who want to watch all of the episodes. Hulu users can also watch subbed and dubbed episodes.

Is Noragami Available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, neither Noragami nor Noragami Aragato is available on Netflix in the United States.

The reason for this is that FUNimation licenses the series in the United States, and the anime publisher has its own streaming service.

Is It Worthwhile to Watch Noragami?

You should definitely watch it. Hiyori, despite her annoying appearance, plays an important role in the story. Overall, the plot and characters are entertaining, and it is also interesting to see Yukine’s development.

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