The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2: Everything we know so far!

The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2: Everything we know so far!

As with most of the breathtaking series, this anime is based on the spectacular light novel “The Devil Is Part Timer”, it is called Hataraku Maōsama in Japanese! It is based on the light novel series by Wagahara Satoshi. The first novel by the author appeared back on February 10, 2011. Thus novel inspired the creation of a manga series which got released on December 27, 2011.

A few years later the light novel series Hataraku Maōsama was released! In April 2013, it was turned into an anime show by White Fox, and fans finally got the chance to see their favorite anime on the big screen. Anime fans have been waiting for the anime to return for eight years and have almost lost hope. However, the makers recently brought us good news! Let’s dive into the future of “The Devil Is A PartTimer”.

Will season 2 ever come out?

After waiting for nearly ten years, the second season of “The Devil Is a Part-timer” officially returns! As early as March during Kadokawa’s Light Novel Expo, the makers of the popular anime series surprised fans with exciting news. With the announcement of the postponement, the first trailer and key graphics of the new season were also released. 

All original Japanese casts have also been confirmed, but it is not clear whether British actors will repeat their roles.

The official release date!

So far, the producer of The Devil Is A PartTimer has not announced the official broadcast date of the second season. The animation studio announced the second season this weekend and released a new trailer for the second season of “The Devil Is a Part-timer” with a stunning new design. Fans can expect the second season of this anime to be released in late 2021 or sometime in 2022. You can watch the trailer in the video embedded below:

What is the show about?

The Anime series rotates around Demon Lord Satan, who was defeated in the last battle and escaped the human world using a dimensional portal. In a world full of humans, it is best for him to hide his identity behind the mask of a normal fast food employee. Blocked in Tokyo mode, Satan is anxious to take revenge. However, in this world, he is powerless and cannot use his magic inside. 

Therefore, he must work hard and serve as a partial worker to live in this world.  If he wants to conquer the world, he will need to resize the social scale. On this journey, you meet Emi Yusa, which, actually, is Emilia, the one who destroyed and dethroned him. The history revolves around the main characters that have reached this world from another dimension, which in the end are accustomed to everyday life in the same way as humans. 


Anime fans can watch the show on Netflix. The first season of the show airs on Netflix in most countries. If your country’s Netlfix library does not have this animation, you can check animation streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. 


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