Classroom of The Elite Season 2: Will we ever get the new season?

Classroom of The Elite Season 2: Will we ever get the new season?

“Classroom of the Elite” is popular as a high school animated drama series based on manga and novel of the same name. Originally produced as Kinugasa Syougo’s light novel series, “Classroom of the Elite” follows the lives of a handful of high school students attending undergraduate students (via Anime News Network) in major academies Japanese. 

The main character, Kiyotaka Ayakoji, is a super-genius who has deliberately turned to the lower ranks for unknown reasons. Shortly after enrolling, Kiyotaka discovered that the school performance was more about vandalism than education, and urged Kiyotaka to protect him and his friends by promoting the school’s ranks. 

The original light novel was first published in 2015 but quickly led to the manga and anime adaptation, with the final work airing in 2017. As always with the anime adaptation, the “Classroom of the Elite” was unable to fully adopt the original material. As a result, fans are still waiting for the start of the second season. 

It may seem unlikely at this point, but the creators of the series have stopped officially canceling the series, giving way to the potential continuation of the series. This lacks information about the second season of the “Classroom of the Elite”, but much is still said about the movie plots, casts, and potential release dates. This is all we know. 

What is the possible release date?

Even today, four years later, the animators of Classroom of the Elite (Studio Lerche) and their licensees (Funimation and Crunchyroll) seem to have resolutely chosen to remain silent in the prospect of the second season. Neither side has decided to announce it, and it’s not unreasonable to assume that a second season of “Classroom of the Elite” will never take place at this point. But the lack of inscriptions on it leaves fans with a faint glimmer of hope. 

Assuming that Lersch or the show’s licensors have finally announced another season it could take nearly a year (if not longer) for the show to finally premiere. According to another article from Anime News Network, one of Lerche’s earlier projects, Assassination Classroom, was announced in April 2015. The season itself won’t air until January 2016. So it can take a long time (about 8 months) excluding the full production.

Plot of Classroom of the Elite Season 2

The first season of “Classroom of the Elite” ended with the clever Kiyotaka winning the school’s “Lord of the Fliesstyle” survival test by correctly guessing the identity of each class president. But a day after his victory, he discovers that his father actively sought to kick him out of school. Of course, this is probably related to the reason Kiyotaka attended school undeclared. Regardless, Kiyotaka chose to continue his education there. 

Assuming we continue with the first seasons’ plot, the second part of “Classroom of the Elite” will at least stay true to the manga and light novel materials. Like many other anime adaptations, the show’s source material is more important than the anime in terms of story progression. In short, Lerche is full of inspiration. 

Viewers still don’t know what Kiyotaka’s purpose is in attending this school of fiction. Furthermore, he has yet to really improve his academic performance in the classroom and it is unclear how his father’s influence will affect this goal. Apparently, these are going to be the plot themes for Classroom of the Elite season 2.


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