Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2: Is the Donghua Getting a Second Season?

A hilarious and adventurous journey!

Lu Shu, our energetic protagonist had driven us all insane with his amusing and stunning exploits as he delved deeper into his development using an unusual way. Now that the first season of Spare Me, Great Lord!, also known as Da Wang Rao Ming, has ended, will there be Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2?

Thankfully, despite the lack of an official announcement, the Tencent Animation page on Weibo has stated that Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2 aka ‘Da Wang Rao Ming‘  will be released to continue the story where it left us all.

Despite the variations in the quality, Spare Me Great Lord has become one of the most acclaimed Chinese anime due to the amazing animation, particularly in the opening sequence and chosen action scenes.

So, here’s all we know about the new season.

Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2: What Will Be the Release Date of the Chinese Anime?

Spare Me Great Lord anime season 2 release date

Although no exact release date has been set as of this writing, the official Blog page for Da Wang Rao Ming or Spare Me Great Lord anime has posted plenty of promos and images from the final episode, which was then published by Tencent Video Animation’s Weibo page.

Viewers should keep a watch out for the story’s continuation in Da Wang Rao Ming or Spare Me Great Lord anime Season 2 according to this action.

With the ending and announcement, we’re confident that it now makes sense, especially given how the first season ended. Because season 1 was released on 3 December 2021, we don’t know when the Spare Me Great Lord anime Season 2 will be released. However, according to internal sources, we can expect Season 2 to release by early 2023.

Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2: What New Adventures Will Be There in the Story?

Spare Me Great Lord anime season 2 plot

The series is based on Hui Shuohua De Zhouzi‘s Chinese web novel of the same name. It focuses on the similar storyline of cultivation as many other Donghua, however this time, the Protagonist grows stronger by the bad thoughts and impressions of others, thus gaining strength by disturbing others.

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That sounds both unusual and amusing at the same time. It has a lot of parallels to a lot of anime and donghua out there, from having a shameless Hero to all the shenanigans and common tropes that we see in a lot of different series, making it a familiar trip from beginning to end.

This is the tale of Lu Shu, an orphan. He isn’t just any orphan; he is a metahuman undergoing transformations in himself, his country, and the planet during the start of the magical era.

Witness as Lu Shu sets off on a quest with his sister, the lovely and dynamic Lu Xiaoyu, to refine his unusual powers. They’ll face extraordinary elements, hurdles, and even the most powerful people in their country along the way. He’ll use all of his skills to defeat his never-ending line of foes and competitors.

Spare Me Great Lord anime season 2 plot 2

Though we agree that Da Wang Rao Ming had flaws that occasionally exceeded its strengths, I think it’s incredible that Chinese animation has been digging deeper into its art as time has passed.

Many have said that Da Wang Rao Ming’s only redeeming feature is its opening sequence, and while that is true in some ways, the series has been developing, and that is something I am hoping to witness when Da Wang Rao Ming or Spare Me Great Lord anime Season 2 is released. So, let’s see what we will have for the second season.

Spare Me Great Lord Anime Season 2: What Other Details We Know About the New Season?

Spare Me Great Lord anime season 2 cast

As the story will continue after the first season. So, we can predict that the spare me great lord anime season 2 will have the main cast include including Lu Shu, Lu Xiaoyu, Cao Qingci, Li Xianyi, Nie Ting with Shi Xuejin, and many other awesome characters.

Big Firebird animation created the donghua, which has worked on a number of popular shows like The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife and Planting Manual.

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If you haven’t seen the donghua yet, it will be available for free on the Tencent Video app for a full marathon on February 18 to commemorate its successful run. So, don’t forget to have a look!


As there is not much information available for the Spare Me Great Lord anime season 2, which means there is no trailer available for the second season. So, let’s watch the trailer of season 1 to refresh our memories about this hilarious and action anime.

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