Will There Be a Season 4 of WPC 56: Where Did They Make WPC 56?

WPC 56 is a British drama TV show made by BBC Birmingham. It was made by Dominique Moloney. Charles De’Ath, John Bowler, and Jennie Jacques are on the show. On March 18, 2013, WPC 56 made its debut on BBC1. Based on 526 user votes, the show has a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb right now.

This post has the latest news about the next season of WPC 56 since we keep an eye on the news to keep you up to date.

Will There Be a Season 4 of WPC 56


In the 1950s, when the first woman police officer joined a force in the West Midlands, she had to deal with sexism, chauvinism, and small grudges every day. This book tells about her experiences.



  • Jennie Jacques as WPC Gina Dawson
  • WPC Claudia Jessie Annie Taylor
  • Sergeant Sidney Fenton was played by Charlie De’Ath.
  • John Bowler as Chief Superintendent (later Asst Chief Constable) Coulson, Arthur
  • Kieran Bew as DI Jack Burns
  • Ben Turner as DI Max Harper
  • DI Oliver Rix Harry Sawyers
  • Chief Inspector Roger Nelson is played by John Light.
  • Chief Inspector Walter Briggs was played by Mark Healy.
  • Sergeant Peter Pratt is played by Gerard Horan.
  • Sergeant John Swift is played by James Barriscale.
  • PC Chris Overton Coulson, Eddie
  • Liam Jeavons as PC Tommy Perkins
  • Rachel Leskovac as Susie Nightingale
  • Daniel Brocklebank as Carl Saunders


  • As Linus Brody, Tim Plester
  • Abigail Fenton is played by Martha Howe-Douglas.
  • As Cathy Sinclair, Justine Michelle Cain plays her.
  • Frank Marshall is played by Philip Hill-Pearson.
  • Deborah Burns is played by Marianne Oldham.
  • Sam Pratt, played by Tom McLarney
  • Joe Dawson, played by Jonty Stephens
  • Brenda Dawson is played by Kathryn Hunt
  • Rebecca Jones is played by Jessica Duncan
  • Chris Wilson plays Tom
  • Lenny Powell is played by Michael Higgs
  • As Chris Hutton, Danny Sam
  • Charlotte Briggs is played by Patricia Potter.
  • Douglas Taylor played by John Duttine
  • As Lydia Taylor, Melanie Kilburn
  • Matt Kennard as David Meyer

Series 1

WPC 56 Gina Dawson lives in Branford, near Birmingham, with her parents, Joe and Brenda. This story, which takes place in 1956, is about the discovery of a boy’s skeleton, a man who keeps killing women, and a look into the case of two missing boys from the past. Dawson is hired as the first female police officer in Branford.

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Chief Inspector Nelson gives her a small office that used to be a storage room. She is told to stick to making tea, doing paperwork, and helping women and children. She is told not to bother the men, who might try to protect her when things get dangerous.

They can take care of the important police work without her. She has trouble getting her male coworkers to take her seriously. She is shocked by Sergeant Fenton’s methods and the way the rest of her workers act. Frank Marshall is her boyfriend.

Will There Be a Season 4 of WPC 56

Series 2

The second season is about a councilman’s body and his girlfriend, Rebecca Jones, who has gone missing. Detective Inspector Jack Burns quits his job to take care of his sick wife and daughters. Detective Inspector Max Harper, who is from London, is taking his place. Briggs and Swift are taking the places of Chief Inspector Nelson and Desk Sergeant Pratt.

Eddie Coulson and his new wife, Cathy Sinclair, are on their honeymoon. WPC Dawson is attracted to his father, Chief Superintendent Coulson. Sergeant Fenton has a daughter and is friends with the local brothel madam, Rosie Turner, and the shady boxing promoter, Lenny Powell. Susie Nightingale has taken over as the station secretary from Cathy Sinclair.

Series 3

The third season is about the shooting of a retired brigadier and what happens at a secure hospital, as well as the relationships of Chief Inspector Briggs, his wife Charlotte, gay Carl Saunders, and Coulson’s desire to take control of the station and hurt those who know about his past crimes.

WPC Gina Dawson moves to the Metropolitan Police after being cleared of any wrongdoing in a shooting. Coulson broke his promise to Chief Inspector Briggs that he would retire early because he molested Dawson sexually. Instead, he was given a promotion to Assistant Chief Constable.

Dawson’s job is taken over by WPC Annie Taylor, whose father is a retired Branford police sergeant. She lives with her parents and knows how to deal with her fellow officers.

After being shot, Sergeant Fenton goes back to work with less confidence, which he tries to get back with the help of Constable Perkins. DI Max Harper is replaced by DI Harry Sawyer, who is Jewish and no longer speaks to his mother.

Will There Be a Season 4 of WPC 56

When Does Season 4 of WPC 56 Start?

The fourth season of WPC 56 has not been confirmed by BBC1 yet. This does not mean that the show is over. Please sign up for updates below if you want to know when the show starts.

Season 3: 9 March 2015

Season 2: 10 February 2014

Season 1: 18 March 2013


We don’t have any official trailer for this season 4.

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Will WPC 56 Be Back?

For a third season, the BBC1 drama WPC 56 is back on our screens. In the Birmingham production, Moseley actress Claudia Jessie plays WPC Annie Taylor, who is new to the series.

Where Did They Make WPC 56?


The Black Country Living Museum, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham Town Hall, Victoria Law Courts, the Electric Cinema, and Dudley Zoo were some of the places where WPC 56 was filmed. The old Birmingham Library, which is now the Birmingham and Midland Institute on Margaret Street, is in front of the Branford police station.

How Can I See WPC Without Paying?

At the moment, you can stream “WPC 56” on Amazon Prime Video, BritBox Amazon Channel, or Freevee Amazon Channel for free with ads.

What Happened to the First Version of WPC 56?

WPC 56 had a hard time keeping its actors together. Between the first and second seasons, almost everyone in the supporting cast changed. Jacques herself left after the second season because she got a regular role on VIKINGS.

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