The Wheel of Time Season 2: Release Date, Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

The Wheel of Time is going to keep turning for a long time, because Amazon Prime Video renewed the show six months before it started airing in November 2021. So, in short, there will be a second season of The Wheel of Time.

In fact, people say that filming is well underway. Just before the first finale aired, TVLine talked to Vernon Sanders, the head of global TV for Amazon Studios, about why the show was picked up for a second season so soon:

“We like the show, and as the episodes came out and we saw how well they were made and as we talked to Rafe Judkins, the show’s creator, about where the next seasons would go, we knew we had something that could last a very long time for us.

The Wheel of Time Season 2

“These are huge investments, so of course, we took a lot of time to make sure we were making the right choice, but it keeps paying off for us. All the credit goes to Rafe and his amazing team, as well as the cast, which was led by Rosamund Pike as Moiraine.

These investments are already paying off since The Wheel of Time was the most-watched original series on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. This is a very good sign for season two, which will continue to be based on the books written by Robert Jordan.

Join us here at Digital Spy as we use a spell to see into the future and figure out what will happen to Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine and all of her magical friends in The Wheel of Time season two.


Vernon Sanders gave a very encouraging answer to TVLine when they asked about season two and if it would “go even bigger” than the first season. This is great news for fans who can’t wait to see what comes next. He said, “Rafe has been a great leader.


He’s been thoughtful, kind, and really committed to doing things the right way. Rosamund has been a great leader, too. So, before we started season 2, we definitely talked about, “What can we do even better now that we’ve shown this huge world and introduced these characters?

“So I’m sure that season 2 of Wheel of Time will be bigger, bolder, and have a wider scope. This show needs to get bigger, bolder, and more expansive as it goes on because there are 14 books in the original series, which is a lot of material to sort through.

The Wheel of Time Season 2

The first season covers the first book, The Eye of the World. You can buy the second book, The Great Hunt, as well as the full boxset or just the first three books here. Rafe Judkins, who is in charge of the show, told Deadline that he thinks it could run for eight seasons.

He said, “I always have to approach it as if we’re going to get to tell the whole story that’s in the books. If we don’t do it that way, we won’t be able to land on our feet, and the endings of these books are so good.

“I really need to get us ready to go if we can. In the end, that’s not up to me. If people watch it and Amazon wants to do more, I’d be happy to keep adding to this world. After that dark betrayal at the end of the first season, Mat’s future doesn’t look good.

Rafe told EW about this character’s surprising journey in season two after the end of the show: “I think Mat is the character who struggles with the darker parts of himself the most.

In season two, we’ll learn more about all of our characters and try to figure out how they’re trying to find a balance between dark and light within themselves. “Mat’s fight is the clearest and obvious, but I think it puts him in an interesting place for season two, where we can also show more of his lighter side.

From season two on, he will be played by Dónal Finn, who is a great comedian. He really makes the character a lot more fun. That’s great to see because it answers some of Mat’s darkest questions about whether he’s a bad person at heart.

Season 2 of The Wheel of Time Cast

Except for one major change, most of the main characters from the first season of The Wheel of Time will be back for the second season.

Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney), Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowski), Perrin Aybara (Marcus Rutherford), Egwene al Vere (Zo Robins), and Nynaeve al’Meara (Zo Robins) will also be back for the second season, as you might expect.

Mat Cauthon, the last person in the village who might be the Dragon Reborn, is the most important change. Barney Harris played Mat, but Barney is not coming back for the second season (reasons for the recast have not been revealed).

The Wheel of Time Season 2

Mat will be played by Dónal Finn in season 2 instead of Mat. Dónal already has some fantasy experience, since he has been in The Witcher and Cursed. Not only Dónal Finn is joining the show, but so are other new people.

Ceara Coveney (Young Wallander) has joined as Elayne Trakand, a powerful channeler of the Green Ajah. Ayoola Smart (Smother, Killing Eve) has joined as Aviendha, a Maiden of the Spear from Aiel. Meera Syal (Yesterday, The Kumars) and Natasha O’Keefe (Peaky Blinders) are also in it, but their roles have not been revealed yet.

Expected Release Date

At the time this was written, Amazon hadn’t told us when The Wheel of Time season 2 might come out. Since filming just finished in mid-May, it could be a while before the second season is available on Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time Season 2

Another big fantasy show is coming to Prime Video later this year, which could affect when we might see season 2 of The Wheel of Time. The Rings of Power, Amazon’s much-talked-about Lord of the Rings TV show, will start airing weekly on Prime Video on Friday, September 2.

Amazon might not want two fantasy epics to air at the same time, so we might not see Moiraine, Rand al’Thor, Egwene, Perrin, Nynaeve, and Mat until next year. If you want to start reading Robert Jordan’s books while you wait for the show to come back, check out our guide on how to read The Wheel of Time books in order.

Is There a Trailer for Season Two of the Wheel of Time?

Even though it’s not a full trailer, Amazon has given us a short look behind the scenes of season 2 in the form of a video that was released on the same day they said filming was done. Look at it here:


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons Are Planned for the Wheel of Time?

Again, nothing official has been said, but showrunner Rafe Judkins told Deadline that he thinks the show will run for eight seasons.

Where Can I Watch the Second Season of the Wheel of Time?

The only place to get The Wheel of Time Season is through Amazon Prime. The Wheel of Time was one of the most-watched shows on Amazon Prime in 2021.

Will They Stop Making Wheel of Time?

Don’t worry that The Wheel of Time will be cancelled after only one season. The fantasy show was picked up for a second season a long time before it started.

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