The Wilds Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation on Amazon Prime!

Season 2 of The Wilds is nearly here, and if the first – and so far, only – teaser is any indication, the drama that unfurled in the show’s binge-worthy first chapter “is only the beginning.

“The programme, created by Sarah Streicher, revolves around a group of unrelated adolescent girls who all join up for a young women’s empowerment retreat. It follows many timelines, similar to HBO hit Yellowjackets.

Their wellness trip quickly turns into a nightmare, however, as the plane that was intended to take them to Hawaii crashes into the water – and we find that they are being exposed to a hazardous social experiment against their consent.

The Wilds Season 2

Following on from the season 1 conclusion, The Wilds season 2 will introduce the all-boys island, as the kids struggle for survival. In the future, we’ll probably see the lucky ones who made it try to flee the “rescue” facility.

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While we wait to see what happens, we’ve compiled all we know so far about the upcoming part of the Prime Video series, from its release date and cast to what we know about the narrative. Take a look…

Season 2 of the Wilds Storyline

The official synopsis for Season 2 of The Wilds is as follows: “Survival hangs in the balance for a group of abandoned adolescent girls on a remote island, following the shocking discovery that what is happening to them is a sophisticated sociological experiment.

Season 2 amps up the tension and keeps you guessing by introducing new test subjects — a new island of adolescent guys – who must likewise struggle for survival under the watchful eye of the experiment’s puppet master.”

According to the teaser, Rachel appears to be grappling with guilt over her sister’s presumed death and coming to terms with losing her arm in the shark attack, while some of the lads battle one another and try to prove themselves by assuming command. Oh, and there will be plenty of topless rituals around the campfire.

You know, the usual stranded-on-a-remote-island scenario. Shelby and Toni’s hidden affair is expected to cause difficulties among the group, as some of them begin to worry about deeper allegiances being formed within the camp.

The Wilds Season 2

“Have you noticed any new feelings, between some of the folks here?” a worried Martha asks Fatin after seeing Shelby and Toni kissing in the tape. But it’s not all drama and possibly lethal circumstances.

One scene in the trailer shows the ladies throwing a beach birthday celebration, while another shows Fatin, who used to exclusively look out for herself previous to the aircraft disaster, wondering,What’s wrong with me?“You simply care,” Leah responds, jokingly clapping back, “I know, it’s awful.”

In the trailer, when some of the island females establish contact with the island guys, Leah appears at a flashforward to introduce herself to one of the male test subjects in their “rescue” facility.

Only time will tell whether the teams will battle or unite to bring down Gretchen Klein, the vicious lady in charge of monitoring the Dawn of Eve and Twilight of Adam trials.

Season 2 Cast of the Wilds

Fatin, Rachel, Martha, Dot, Shelby, Toni, and Leah will be played by Sophia Ali, Reign Edwards, Jenna Clause, Shannon Berry, Mia Healey, Erana James, and Sarah Pidgeon, respectively. Rachel Griffiths is also reprising her role as Gretchen Klein, the puppet master.

Nora, played by Helena Howard, was murdered in The Wilds season 1 finale while attempting to save Rachel, her twin sister, from a shark, but due to the show’s various universes, she will very certainly appear in season 2.

The Wilds Season 2

The trailer gives no sign of her return, with no flashes of pre-plane accident recollections. However, given that the character was shown to be working with Gretchen at the conclusion of season one, we wouldn’t be shocked if there’s more to the story.

Of course, there are the new all-boys bunch of survivors, which implies that The Wilds season 2 will feature a slew of new cast members. Zack Calderon, who plays Rafael Garcia, is one of the newcomers. Henry Tanaka will be played by Aidan Laprete, while Josh Herbert will be played by Nicholas Coombe.

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The cast is completed by Charles Alexander (as Kirin O’Conner), Miles Gutierrez-Riley (as Ivan Taylor), Reed Shannon (as Scotty Simms), Tanner Ray Rook (as Bo Leonard), and Alex Fitzalan (as Seth Novak). The Wilds issued 15 character posters earlier this month, one for each of the hesitant islanders. Look them up above.

Season 2 Premiere Date for the Wilds

The Wilds season 2 premiere date has been announced for May 6, 2022. Season 1’s 10 episodes were all released to Amazon Prime Video on December 11, 2020, therefore it is probable that season 2 will follow suit and release each segment all at once.

First Season Recap

Season 1 began on a high note, with a group of ladies finding up stranded on a mysterious island. They thought they were on their way to the Dawn of Eve women’s retreat when their jet seemed to crash, culminating in their new existence.

The Wilds Season 2

However, it was later revealed that the entire affair had been staged and that they had been drugged before being placed on the island. Nora and Jeanette were the two moles that knew everything.

Jeanette died of an internal haemorrhage, but the rest of the islanders were oblivious of her knowledge, and Nora’s truth was not disclosed until the very end. Even the parents of the group were blissfully oblivious of the ruse, believing they were sending their daughters to a location where they could cure their particular traumas and difficulties.

At the conclusion of the series, the majority of the girls were in a bunker with persons they thought were investigators. Leah and Shelby, on the other hand, found the truth – and the series finished with them uncovering the film the Twilight of Adam, which appears to be the same experiment using young males. That leads us to season 2…

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How to Watch the Wilds Season 2 in the United States

The Wilds season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on Friday, May 6. All eight episodes premiere at the same time.



The second season of The Wilds is almost coming, and if the first – and so far only – the trailer is any indicator, the drama that unfolded in the show’s binge-worthy first chapter “is only the beginning.

“The debut date for The Wilds season 2 has been set for May 6, 2022. On December 11, 2020, all ten episodes of Season 1 were uploaded on Amazon Prime Video.

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