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ABA Administrative Law Conference: An Event Worth Attending

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The American Bar Association Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice has announced its Fall Conference.  Normally, this blog does not publicize conferences, but this particular conference is the one event that practitioners – whether lawyers, economists, policy and program analysts, or otherwise – should consider attending.  The conference provides a wide range of educational topics from the elementary to the complex.  The conference will be held on November 7 – 8, 2013, at the Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center on the Georgetown University campus.  Summary after the jump.

The Administrative Law Conference routinely includes two of the most analytical sessions on administrative law to be found anywhere:  the George Washington Law Review’s Annual Review of Administrative Law and the morning-long tour de force Developments in Administrative Law 1 & II.  In addition, some sessions focus on cutting-edge issues and the program contains much less “show and tell” fodder than most continuing legal education.

The initial program brochure lists the following panel discussions and includes other activities:

  • Democracy and Statutory Interpretation: New Empirical Work and Positive Theory
  • Rulemaking 101
  • The Globalization of Administrative Law: Regulatory Cooperation in the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Beyond
  • Regulatory Toolbox 101: Leveraging Benefit Corporations
  • Centralization of Regulatory Power in the White House
  • Ethical Quandaries for Public Lawyers
  • The Democratic Potential and Possible Pitfalls of Social Media & the Administrative State
  • Speak No Evil: Changing Controls on Commercial Speech by Federal Enforcement Agencies
  • What Technology Can Do for Rulemaking
  • Sequestration Impacts-Budgetary Restraints on Agencies Diversity
  • The Year in Government Information and Privacy Law
  • Rulemaking in Comparative Perspective

More details can be found in the preliminary conference brochure.