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Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 2/20/17: Delay Challenge; Withdrawal Challenge; First Disapprovals Complete with More to Come & Stability Struggles in a New Regulatory Docket

Posted in Agency Authority, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

Two cases that challenge the effect of a new Administration’s moratorium on rules pending review by new appointees deserve some attention this week – one challenges a delay of effective date while the other challenges a withdrawal from public inspection prior to publication.  The march of regulatory  disapprovals continued to build with the first two… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 8/12/13

Posted in Executive - OMB Review, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) completed review (ubiquitously consistent with change) on several sensitive significant rules last week, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s proposed greenhouse gas reporting amendments and final renewable fuels volumes for 2013, as well as a proposal to fix an Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act problem for Members… Continue Reading